Onboarding and Connecting Accounts

This article is about the differences between the onboarding steps to My Financial Plan, where you type in estimates of your financial details, and the connected state, when we have more detailed information based on the actual activity in the accounts you have linked directly to the tool. 

Buy a New Home

How to add a scenario that shows how the cost of a home will affect your plan, or understand how much you can afford with an optional savings goal.

Affordability in My Financial Plan

This document explains the calculations that we make behind the scene to estimate whether a client will be able to afford a particular event at a particular price, given everything else going on in their life.

Plan for Education

In the Plan for Education Costs life event, we help you calculate the expected educational costs for your dependents who are planning to attend college.

Monte Carlo

"Monte Carlo" is a methodology for projecting the future value of assets, especially equities. This post describes our approach to Monte Carlo projections.

End of Life

Planning for the unexpected isn't easy. The End of Life event will show you how your passing will affect loved ones, so you can plan for how to protect them now.

Potential Impacts of Economic Scenarios

An article about how we project the effects of "2008 Financial Crisis, "2010 Financial Boom" and "Oil Shock".

Step 2 - Building an Emergency Fund

Step 2 in the 7 Steps to Financial Independence is focused on building a financial cushion so that when the inevitable happens, you have reserves to fall back on.

Step 3 - Employer Matching Contributions

Step 3 helps you understand your potential benefits of employer matching and form a plan around it to make full use of this offering.

Step 4 - Paying Down Expensive Debt

In Step 4, we help you navigate through understanding and planning the payoff of your debt.