Step 5 - Setting Big Goals

Last updated:
July 2, 2021

Before starting Step 5, you should ponder: what are the big, important life events coming up in your life in the next three years? With an answer to this question, Step 5 is where we help you to plan to finance these events. 

You can easily add big goals to your timeline by clicking the “Add life events” button on the left hand side of your screen. After clicking, you will see a list of life events you can drag and drop on to your timeline. You can choose any of the many life events offered, and move them around on your timeline to understand what you can afford and how much you need to save to be ready for that big moment. We will warn you when, based on our models and the information you provide, your plans are unlikely to be realized.

You can also use My Financial Plan as a tool to test how different life events may or may not impact your financial timeline. With life events, you can feel free to ask big financial questions you’re curious about. 

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