Step 5 - Setting Big Goals

Step 5 is where we help you to plan to finance your major upcoming life events.

Step 6 - Preparing to Retire

In Step 6, we help you form your own retirement goals, assess your progress, and chart a path to retirement for you. 

Step 7 - Seize the Day!

Step 7 is named “Seize the Day” because it is time to take hold of your life, the opportunities you have, and the path in front of you. 

Step 1 - Earning, Spending and Looking Ahead

Step 1 in the 7 Steps to Financial Independence starts at the very beginning, where we help you build a foundation and understand your earning and spending patterns.

7 Steps to Financial Independence

The 7 Steps to Financial Independence is a resource on your Plan page that helps you understand your financial landscape and plan accordingly through a series of guided action items. 

Data Security

We take great care in ensuring that all data entered by users is securely managed. This article gives an overview of our data security measures.

Life Insurance

When setting up your Estimate Life Insurance life event, the decision of how much to purchase could be a subjective one. This article explains a few approaches you can take to arrive at the most appropriate level for you.

Plan Action Items

This article provides an explanation of the various types of personalized recommendations you may see in your Plan page.

Danger Bar

The yellow or red lines that appear between Income and Expenses, Investments and Debts, and underneath the Net Worth chart are Danger Bars. These are provided to draw your attention to potential time periods where your plan needs to be adjusted. This article explains the calculations behind Danger Bars.


Income is calculated as the sum of all positive cash deposits for a particular period. These can be one-time events like a Windfall or recurring payments like a bi-weekly salary. This article explains how we help you track and model your income.