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Plan for Education

In the Plan for Education Costs life event, we help you calculate the expected educational costs for your dependents who are planning to attend college.

Monte Carlo

"Monte Carlo" is a methodology for projecting the future value of assets, especially equities. This post describes our approach to Monte Carlo projections.

Potential Impacts of Economic Scenarios

An article about how we project the effects of "2008 Financial Crisis, "2010 Financial Boom" and "Oil Shock".

Life Insurance

When setting up your Estimate Life Insurance life event, the decision of how much to purchase could be a subjective one. This article explains a few approaches you can take to arrive at the most appropriate level for you.

Danger Bar

The yellow or red lines that appear between Income and Expenses, Investments and Debts, and underneath the Net Worth chart are Danger Bars. These are provided to draw your attention to potential time periods where your plan needs to be adjusted. This article explains the calculations behind Danger Bars.


Income is calculated as the sum of all positive cash deposits for a particular period. These can be one-time events like a Windfall or recurring payments like a bi-weekly salary. This article explains how we help you track and model your income.


Expenses are all the various ways that cash leaves your account, including monthly spending. This article explains how we help you track and project various types of expenses.

Projecting the Future Value of Your Assets

Investment assets can be grouped in a few asset classes (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.). This article explains our differentiated approaches to handling assets in each asset class.


Debts are contracts or commitments to borrow lump sums of money and repay them in the future, oftentimes with pre-determined premiums. We help users model debts and project debt obligations.


Your "Status" is displayed on the top left corner of your homepage upon logging in. This is a measure of the overall health of your financial plan. This article explains how we arrive at your Status.


The term "inflation" refers to the general tendency for prices to go up. This article explains our approach to inflation in our projections of your Income, Expenses, Assets and Debt.

Net Worth

We use the term Net Worth to mean your Assets minus your Debts. This article provides an explanation of how we calculate your Net Worth.

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